Use Correlation coefficient to analyse the degree of association between two variables.

Required input

  • Select the variables of interest.

    If one or both variables needs Logarithmic transformation, select the corresponding option(s).

  • Optionally select a filter to include a subset of cases.

Graph options

  • Scatter diagram: show a scatter diagram.
  • Draw line of equality: option to draw the line of equality (y=x) line in the graph.
  • Heat map: option to display a heatmap, where background color coding indicates density of points, suggesting clusters of observations.


The results for Correlation include:

  • Sample size: the number of (selected) data pairs
  • Correlation coefficient: Pearson correlation coefficient, with P-value
  • 95% CI for r: the 95% confidence interval for the correlation coefficient, i.e. the range of values which contains the true correlation coefficient with probability 95%

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