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Edit data

The data table editor

Click Data and next Data editor in the menu to bring up the table data editor which shows the data of the active file. You can easily select a different file in the file selector above the data table.

The data are arranged in columns and rows. A column represents a variable and a row represents a case, sample or subject. All data for one case are entered on one row of the table. The top row contains the names of the variables.

Edit cell

If you are working on a desktop PC, you can navigate in the table using the arrow keys on the keyboard such as the Page Up and Page Down keys, etc. Alternatively you can use the different buttons in the right side and bottom navigation bars, and the arrow buttons in the top toolbar.

To enter new data to the cell you move the cellpointer to that cell and enter the data. To start editing a cell you press function key F2 (if available) or click the Edit cell button.

How to enter data for statistical analysis

Data for the different variables are entered in different columns of the data table. All data for a single subject or case are entered in one row in the data table.


Enter the names of the variables in the top row of the columns.

A variable name should not include any spaces. If necessary, you can use the underscore character _ to separate words, e.g. GRADE_A. Also the following characters cannot be used in a variable's name:

- + / * = < > # & $ | ^ : , ; . ( ) ' " [ ] { }

In addition, the variable name must not start with a number and must be different from reserved words such as TRUE, FALSE, ROW and COLUMN.

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