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File management

Data file management

There are two ways to have your data on You can upload a data file, or you can just create a new empty file and enter the data on the website, but uploading a file in Excel or SciStat format is the most convenient.

Click Files in the menu.

Files on

If you do not want to upload or enter any data at this point, the system has already created a file on your account, and you can start playing with the data in this file.

Files on

The Files section lists your files on

  • click the Radio button button at the left side to select the file you want to work with.
  • click the Delete button button to delete the file
  • click the Excel button button to download the file in Excel format

You can have 100 data files on the servers. Each data file can contain up to 100 columns and 10000 rows.

Trial period limitation: during the trial period, the maximum number of files is 10, with maximum 20 columns and 100 rows.

Create new file

To create a new datafile, enter a name for the new file and click the Create button. The new file name will appear in the previous section.

Upload file

To upload a file from your computer to, click the Browse button and locate the file on your system. Next click the Upload button.

Whichever file format (Excel, CSV, etc.) you use, the data must be organized as follows:

  • Each column contains the data of one variable.
  • The top row contains the names of the variables. The top row should not contain numbers or other data.
  • The data for every case are entered on one row.
  • Do not code missing data with a number. For missing data, you just leave the corresponding cell in the spreadsheet empty.


  • The Upload file feature is not supported by all devices.
  • cannot open password protected Excel files.
  • When you upload a file, the file is converted into a specific format. Your file is not saved in its original format on

Import example files

You can import several example files, suitable for different procedures on Select a file and next click Import.

Managing your files

If you do not longer need a file, you click the Delete file button to delete the corresponding file.

To download the file in Excel format to your computer you click the Excel button button.


Go to File management.