Graph options

In the dialog box for the statistical procedure, click the Format graph icon Format graph

You must set the graph options before the graph is created. - Graph options

  • Color scheme: you can select one of 4 predefined color schemes.
  • Font: the font type and size used in graphs.
  • Marker size: the size of markers in the graph.
  • Legend: set the legend position (for graphs that have a legend).
  • Display grid: this option displays gridlines in graphs.
  • Area border: XY only: when this option is selected, lines for the X and Y axes are drawn. If this option is not selected, the plot area is enclosed in a rectangle.
  • Outside tickmarks: select this option to have the tickmarks drawn on the outside the plot area (left of the Y-axis, below the X-axis).
  • Side margins: this option lets you set a margin between the chart's plot area and lines for X and Y axis. This option is only available when the option Outside tickmarks is selected.
  • Use digit grouping symbol in numbers: option to use the digit grouping symbol (thousands separator) in formatting numbers in the graph.
  • Allow exponential notation: when this option is selected, the program will display small or large numbers in exponential notation, e.g. 2000000 will be displayed as 2x106.