Polar plot


A polar plot is the plot of data expressed in polar coordinates, with radius r as a function of angle θ.

The radius r is the distance from the central point and θ is the angle from the x-axis:

Required input

  • Radius: a variable containing the Radius data
  • Angle: a variable containing the Angle data
  • Filter: an optional filter to include a subset of data in the plot
  • Options
    • Angle unit: select whether the values for Angle are expressed in Radians (1 circle = 2 PI) or Degrees (1 circle = 360°), or are Percentages (1 circle = 100).
    • Rotation: the plot can be rotated clockwise of counterclockwise
    • Zero angle: the angle origin can be North, East, South or West.
    • Connect points: an option to connect consecutive points in the plot.

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