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Saved procedures allows to save a statistical procedure (in the Statistics menu) for a later quick recall.

Save a statistical procedure

Completed the dialog panel for the statistical procedure and click OK.

After the statistical report is displayed, the button Save procedure (which was initially disabled) is enabled: Save procedure.

Click this button and a new form is displayed with a suggested name for the procedure, based on the variable's name:

You can edit the name for the procedure and next click OK. The procedure will be saved.

Recall a statistical procedure

The recall button Recall procedure1shows the number of saved procedures in the current file.

Click this button and the following form is displayed in which you can select a previously saved procedure.

Click OK and the dialog box is filled with the selections of the saved procedure.

Delete a saved procedure

To manage the saved procedures associated with a file (for example to delete a saved procedure), see Manage saved procedures in the Tools menu.

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