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What is is an online service of SciStat Software that allows statistical analysis of your data on any device that is connected to the internet and has a web browser:

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • Linux computer
  • Chromebook
  • iPad or other tablet
  • iPhone or other smartphone
  • any other device that has a web browser

After you have uploaded your data to through a secure web interface you can select one of the many statistical procedures. The statistical analyses are performed in the background by SciStat, which is also available as a desktop program on

The results and graphs are displayed in the browser. Graphs can be downloaded in PowerPoint format or as high resolution TIF files. operates in the cloud. Your data are securely saved on our servers and the software runs on servers. The servers are "load-balanced" which means that the workload is equally distributed across the different servers. Load balancing aims to optimize resource use, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single server.

The interface is flexible and adapts to the device you are using. On a desktop or laptop computer with full screen, the menu and content is shown in a horizontal layout and uses the full screen. On tablets or phones, menus and content are reorganized to fit the screen. The menu changes to a drop down menu and content is arranged in a more vertical layout. is available on all devices