z scores


Allows to create a new variable containing the percentile ranks of the data in a numeric variable.

Required input

  • Target variable: the variable which you want to contain the z-scores.
    • New variable: select this option and enter the name of a new variable (and a new column) in the data table.
    • Overwrite existing variable: select this option to select an existing variable or column in the data table. The corresponding column will be cleared before the z-scores are generated.
  • Data
    • Data: select the numeric variable and a possible filter.
    • Reference value and Standard Deviation
      • Use mean and SD of sample: calculate the mean and Standard Deviation of the data in the sample and use the these in the calculations for the z-scores.
      • User-defined values: use pre-specified values for reference value and Standard Deviation.
        • Reference value: the pre-specified reference value.
        • Standard Deviation: the pre-specified Standard Deviation.

Click OK to proceed. The selected column in the data table is filled with the z-scores of the selected data.

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