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Univariate statistics

Summary statistics Outlier detection Histogram Cumulative distribution plot Normal plot Box-and-whisker plot

Correlation and regression

Correlation Partial correlation Rank correlation Regression Multiple regression Logistic regression Probit regression (Dose-Response analysis) Non-linear regression

Comparison of samples

One sample t-test Independent samples t-test Paired samples t-test Variance ratio test (F-test) Signed rank sum test (one sample) Mann-Whitney test (independent samples) Wilcoxon test (paired samples)


One-way ANOVA Two-way ANOVA Analysis of covariance Repeated measures ANOVA Kruskal-Wallis test Friedman test


Frequency table & Chi-squared test Fisher's exact test McNemar test Cochran's Q test Relative risk & Odds ratio Cochran–Mantel–Haenszel test


Kaplan-Meier survival analysis Cox proportional-hazards regression


Continuous measure Correlation Proportion Relative risk Risk difference Odds ratio Area under ROC curve Generic inverse variance method

Reference intervals

Reference interval Age-related reference interval

Method comparison & evaluation

Bland-Altman plot Passing-Bablok regression Mountain plot Coefficient of variation from duplicate measurements

Agreement & responsiveness

Intraclass correlation coefficient Concordance correlation coefficient Inter-rater agreement (Kappa) Cronbach's Alpha Responsiveness

ROC curve analysis

ROC curve analysis Comparison of ROC curves Precision-recall curve Comparison of precision-recall curves

More graphs

Line graph Bar graph Multiple Box-and-whisker plot Violin plot Control chart Polar plot


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